Reduced price! F1 23 Standard Edition Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

F1 23 Standard Edition Xbox Series X|S Xbox One Game

Experience the speed and excitement of Formula 1 with F1 23. Buy F1 23 now to dominate the track, challenge rivals, and create your racing legacy!

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F1 23 Standard Edition Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Embrace the Classic: "Braking Point" Single-Player Story Mode

In addition to the exciting new features, F1 23 retains the beloved "Braking Point" single-player story mode. Discover a captivating narrative as you embark on an unforgettable journey in the world of Formula 1. Start your F1 career from the ground up and navigate through challenges, rivalries, and triumphs. Witness the drama unfold as you strive to leave your mark on the sport and etch your name in Formula 1 history.

The Stars of the Track: Drivers and Teams

F1 23 boasts an impressive roster of approximately 20 drivers and 10 teams, allowing players to step into the shoes of their favorite racing legends or embrace the challenge of leading a team to victory. From Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, the game captures the essence of Formula 1 by delivering a wide range of iconic drivers and teams to choose from.

The Updated Tracks: New Adventures Await

F1 23 takes players on a thrilling journey with updated tracks that bring the excitement of Formula 1 to life. Among the notable additions are the New Las Vegas and Qatar circuits, which provide a fresh challenge for drivers. These meticulously designed tracks showcase stunning visuals and offer a realistic racing experience that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

Unraveling the Complexities of the F1 World

F1 23 brings forth a more intricate and engaging story campaign, immersing players in the captivating world of Formula 1. Embark on a thrilling narrative journey as you navigate the highs and lows of the racing universe. Experience the intensity of rivalries, the pressure of making crucial decisions, and the pursuit of glory. The expanded story campaign offers a deeper connection to the game, making every race feel like a significant moment in your racing career.

Red Flags: Adding Authenticity and Strategy

To further elevate the realism of F1 23, the game introduces the concept of red flags. Red flags represent a stoppage in the race due to hazardous conditions or accidents. This strategic element adds a new dimension to gameplay, forcing players to make critical decisions and adapt their strategies on the fly. Whether it's taking advantage of a red flag situation or carefully navigating through the chaos, players will experience the thrill and unpredictability of Formula 1.

More Action with 35% Race Distance

F1 23 recognizes the value of time while delivering an immersive racing experience. The game features the option of a 35% race distance, allowing players to condense the thrilling moments of a Formula 1 race without compromising the overall experience. This feature ensures that players can dive straight into the action, enjoying intense wheel-to-wheel battles and heart-stopping overtakes without the need for extended play sessions.

Progression System: Challenges, Rewards, and Upgrades

F1 23 introduces an immersive progression system that rewards players for their dedication and skill. Complete challenges, both on and off the track, to earn valuable rewards. Whether it's achieving podium finishes, mastering specific circuits, or accomplishing unique objectives, each milestone unlocks a treasure trove of upgrades and enhancements. The progression system keeps the gameplay engaging, encouraging players to continually improve and unlock the full potential of their racing abilities.

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