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Up until this point, you believed the initial chapter was impressive; starting today, we will demonstrate why you must gear up for a forthcoming chapter that will astound you with its innovative features. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged is ready to take you on a fun and surprisingly satisfying racing adventure, now including a brand-new story mode, a variety of vehicles, and different race styles. Motorbikes and ATVs can make their way on your shelves. New locations and a tracking editor round out this new How Wheels Unleashed arcade racing game.

Enhance Your Enjoyment with Extra Wheels

Prepare for an additional 130 vehicles that will enhance your experience, and that's not all. Alongside Hot Wheels Originals, you'll also gain access to Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and vehicles from the entertainment realm. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy the exhilaration of riding both motorcycles and ATVs, each with its distinctive racing style, enabling precise and strategic navigation on every track, while a state-of-the-art system categorizes these vehicles, paving the way for enhancements through a specialized skill tree that directly influences their performance.

Fresh Destinations for Your Next Abode

When it comes to the environment in which you will move, everything is amazing in this village in the Wild West. They've added five new locations, which you will learn well enough to feel at home and get on the podium. We have also introduced new terrains that will make your races exciting, but also challenging. Here we are talking about grass, sand, and many others that will influence the maneuverability of vehicles. Also, don't forget strategy, it plays a very important role.

Display Your Skills

Before stunning your adversaries with mind-blowing maneuvers, ensure proficiency in both the Lateral Dash and Single or Double Jump techniques. Employ them with strategic finesse to secure an edge on the course, whether it involves dislodging rivals or skillfully circumventing obstacles. Moreover, these fresh Jumps can facilitate bypassing traffic and uncovering covert shortcuts, thereby elevating your overall racing adventure.

Suit Your Preferences

If you're a daring enthusiast who turns each race into a thrilling adventure, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged provides a wide array of experiences across different game modes, available both offline and online, tailored to suit your entertainment preferences.

Set Your Creativity Free!

This game brings you again the editor to create your favorite songs or you can also use the best songs from the community. Of course, you will also have wonderful tracks and cars with the new Livery Editor. It offers new improvements and is all you need. You can also use the Sticker Editor, you can save or create models and shapes to create real masterpieces.

A Brand New Tale Unfolds

Along with the new campaign mode features a brand new and original story-driven adventure! The city is under attack and only you can save it from the creatures. How will you do this? It is not very complicated, you will try to win races and challenges. But now you can be not only a winner but also a savior.


For an arcade racing game, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 - Turbocharges is excellent, with such beautiful graphics and fast racing gameplay - you will never get bored playing it! The freedom offered by the track builder is a big plus offering virtually infinite replayability.


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