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Lords of the Fallen Xbox Series X|S

Buy Lords of the Fallen on Xbox and unleash epic battles, unique classes, and challenging quests in a gripping fantasy adventure.

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Lords of the Fallen Xbox Series X|S

Lords of the Fallen is a complex RPG experience. At your disposal, through your entire journey, a multitude of tools and weapons are can be used. Among them, you will find objects that improve weapons, entities that amplify damage, pieces of armor of various kinds, a variety of pyromancy and miracle spells, and other features designed to enrich the gaming experience.

After enduring an era marked by the harshest tyranny, the malevolent deity known as Adyr met its ultimate defeat. However, the nature of gods is such that they do not remain vanquished indefinitely. In the distant eons that have elapsed since the specter of Adyr's resurgence looms ever closer.

You embark on a perilous odyssey as a legendary Dark Crusader who must traverse the ethereal boundaries that separate the realms of the living from the realm of the deceased in an expansive RPG adventure. You will enjoy incredible clashes with really strong enemies, fast battles, and, of course, characters that will intrigue you. The legacy that shall be etched, whether one of luminance or shadow, remains to be determined by your actions.

Realms of Rebellion: Confronting Adyr's Dominion

You embark on a monumental expedition through two vast, interconnected realms - of living and dead - in a heroic endeavor to vanquish Adyr. Familiar to returning players, the lore predominantly revolves around the malevolent ancient deity known as Adyr, relentlessly yearning to breach the veil into the mortal world. A few notable landmarks may trigger recognition among those with exceptionally sharp recollections, yet, for the most part, this serves as an ideal point of commencement for all adventurers.

Choose Your Class, Forge Your Destiny

The player who enters the universe of Lords of the Fallen, as you expect from a top RPG game, has the opportunity to meticulously tailor his/her character's visual attributes with a range of options. An important choice is that of selecting one out of the nine character classes available in Lords of the Fallen. Furthermore, a substantial degree of customization is integrated into the overall experience, with the initial character creation suite offering an array of appealing choices, including but not limited to hairstyles, tattoos, and other adjustable features.

Unleashing Brutal Tactics in a Realm of Magic

In terms of combat, you will find a profound reliance on timing, stamina management, and the specific armament and armor adorning the valiant protagonist, Harkyn. The battle dynamics are notably weighty, demanding Harkyn to execute deliberate wind-up sequences for most of his offensive maneuvers. Naturally, the outcome is intrinsically linked to his choice of equipment. A choice favoring lightweight armor and nimble daggers facilitates swift, successive strikes, whereas donning heavy armor and wielding a colossal hammer mandates patience in attack initiation, albeit promising substantial damage inflicted upon adversaries. Discerning when to strike, parry, or evade assumes paramount significance, often dictating the stark difference between survival and perilous demise. The game mechanics, intelligently constructed, strike an exquisite balance between risk and reward, perpetually enticing players to explore and refine their combat skills.

Lampbearers: Chronicles of Unity

One can choose to embark on the expansive single-player campaign in solitude or opt to collaborate with fellow Lampbearers in an online co-op. The freedom to journey together endures as long as the individual or their companions see fit, amassing vigor (experience points) and acquiring any weapons or equipment that adversaries yield, all in readiness to return them to their realm. For those who engage in online play, a word of caution is in order, for valiant figures from distant domains may indeed venture forth and intrude upon your world.

Power of Interdimensional Lantern

Don't forget that you will have a flashlight with incredible features, it will be able to transport you between realms and dimensions. This unique power in the gaming world will give you access to long-forgotten realms, discover legendary treasures of old, and even exert control over the essence of your opponents.


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