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NHL 24 PS5

As hockey fans worldwide welcome the new EA Sports NHL 24's release, the excitement amongst sports gamers, specifically fans of hockey but even players of all kinds, has never been higher. Every year since EA's launch, their franchise has provided immersive and true-to-life hockey gaming experiences that capture fans of sports video games worldwide. Next-gen ice-hockey buffs will notice the leaps forward in overall gameplay, realism, graphics, presentation, and new physics, not to mention the noticeable evolution of HUT and CHEL.

A Brief History of EA Sports NHL Games

EA Sports has long been at the forefront of sports gaming, and their NHL series stands as proof. Every year without fail, EA Sports unleashes the latest release of their simulation hockey game title. It contains updated roosters, incremental all-around upgrades, and revolutionary new features. This way, EA brings fans with improved graphics, realistic gameplay, and innovative features - each installment pushing the limits of what virtual hockey can deliver. Since 1994, the year when the first NHL game came out, EA Sports has continued pushing boundaries.

Gameplay Revolution: The Exhaust Engine System

One of the most anticipated aspects of NHL 24 is its innovative Exhaust Engine System, which promises to alter the gameplay as we know it and reward those players who maintain sustained pressure and possession in the offensive zone, while simultaneously placing more strain on opposing defending teams to clear it efficiently. It is actually made by two interrelated systems: the Sustained Pressure System for attackers, and the Pinned Effect for defenders, with an emphasis on "momentum". A team gains momentum by exercising more pressure and staying in the adversary field, this way gaining passing speed and better shot accuracy. At the same time, the other team loses momentum, with their defenders getting more tired and their stamina depleting fast with every second the attackers are pressuring them.

Sustained Pressure and Possession

The introduction of the Exhaust Engine brings forth a level of authenticity that meticulously replicates the physical demands placed upon players during periods of relentless offensive onslaught. This innovative feature, Sustained Pressure, recompenses those adept at maintaining their adversaries within the confines of their defensive zone, elevating each transition and play to an unparalleled significance. In this evolutionary twist, the game emerges as a multifaceted chess match, with each shift unfolding as a climactic chapter in a suspenseful novel.

Goalie Fatigue: A Game-Changer

The Goalie Fatigue System is a dramatic innovation that propels goalkeepers into the heart of the action, subjecting them to the grueling trials of withstanding ruthless pressure and an incessant barrage of shots from all compass points. As the intensity escalates, the goaltender's ability to execute those pivotal saves is compromised. The strategic management of a goaltender's energy emerges as a crucial facet of the game, rendering it a potential game-changer during those defensive moments of unyielding tension. In essence, the tables have turned, and goalies now possess the potential to become the central figures of the game, very much like in real life.

Enhanced Controls for Complex Moves

EA Sports is committed to making their gameplay experience accessible and enjoyable for newcomers as well as veterans of hockey. NHL 24 introduces enhanced controls that offer easier, intuitive ways of performing complex moves - for instance, the legendary "Michigan" move beloved among hockey fans can now be pulled off more effortlessly and precisely than before!

Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) Enhancements

Fans will rejoice as the Hockey Ultimate Team gets an upgrade with NHL 24's release! Here are some of the things to look forward to:

Objectives 2.0: Real-Time Tracking

Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) recently unveiled engaging new features, one of which is Objectives 2.0, meant to keep players engaged by letting them keep tabs on their game progress in real time. This additional layer of engagement seems to be motivational in essence, offering a clear view of player's objectives and the way they materialize before their eyes. Progression is inherently rewarding and stays at the foundation of any game, but making it obvious with Objectives 2.0 adds another thrilling element that elevates the overall gaming journey experience.

HUT Moments: Relive NHL History

HUT Moments mimick a common feature of many sports games, including EA Sports FC 24 or NBA 2K24, by linking the present with the past, and reality with fiction. It's more of an entertaining and presentational part of the Hockey Ultimate Team mode where players revisit iconic moments of the NHL history, a kind of nostalgic trip back in time for those who love this sport and an introduction for those new to it. It is better than a documentary as players get to play these moments, some short, some long, and fulfill the objectives set upon them.


The Exhaust Engine system, with its two facets of the same coin - offense and defense - and various parts like Pressure System, Pinned Effect, and Goalie Fatigue - is a game-changer where it matters the most: on the ice. This hockey simulation video game marks a significant improvement over the past iterations in gameplay, and a little on the game modes. However, as gameplay is fundamental, NHL 24 is a must-buy for fans of sports games who appreciate substance over ornaments.


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