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NHL 24 Xbox Series X|S

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NHL 24 Xbox Series X|S

Exhaust Engine System: At the Heart of the New Gameplay

NHL 24 by EA Sports has introduced groundbreaking gameplay features, breathing new life into virtual hockey, and making it more dynamic and realistic. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the Exhaust Engine, a system that transforms the gameplay with a dynamic sense of authenticity and unparalleled control. The Exhaust Engine system is a core component influencing the offense and defense. In short, when a team is on attack and sustains offensive pressure and attack zone dominance, it makes the other team on defense more vulnerable and tired, just like in real life.

Sustained Pressure and Goalie Fatigue: Realistic Gameplay

The team that keeps the opponents in their defensive zone will eventually trigger the Sustained Pressure system, which will benefit the offensive because their passes become faster and their shots more accurate. When Full Pressure is active, it unleashes the Adrenaline effect for the attacking team and the Pinned effect for the defending one. The Goalie Fatigue System, new in NHL 24, completes this realistic setup. Managing the goalkeeper's energy is paramount and having been pinned down in defense will only make things worse, affecting his ability to make saves. All are interrelated and add a layer of strategy and realism to the game that was missing.

Physics-Based Contact System: Ice-Hockey Is a Physical Game

The Physics-Based Contact system, featuring improved physics and animations, is changing the dynamics of physical contact. The body checks are not only better looking, with new animation-based reactions and even broken glass on occasion, but also more realistic and can be used strategically. The bigger the hits/checks, the better the turnover opportunities. In addition, a big hit may send the opponent to their bench to regain strength. In this way, NHL 24 becomes a more physical game, a fact that reflects better the nature of the game.

Crossplay on Same-Generation Consoles

EA Sports NHLexpanded its crossplay feature in NHL 24, enabling full crossplay in World of Chel. Players on same-gen consoles can collaborate, enhancing social dynamics, broadening player pools, and reducing wait times. HUT’s Shared Economy benefits from crossplay on same-gen consoles, creating a more vibrant marketplace. The absence of a shared leaderboard system in HUT diminishes cross-platform matchmaking, potentially disadvantaging players in diverse leaderboards. While crossplay is improved, its absence in Versus mode remains. NHL 24 supports crossplay across consoles of the same generation, not different generations. This inclusion fosters a larger player pool and better player interactions compared to competitive shooters.

World of Chel Is Substantially Improved

World of Chel (WOC) presents substantial improvements. Some highlights include its new EA SPORTS Hockey League Playoff Format that mirrors Stanley Cup Playoffs by requiring teams to win four best-of-seven rounds to claim victory; quickplay mode offers easy game entry without impacting competitive ratings or ratings; the switch from hockey bags to the World of Chel Battle Pass offers clear rewards with one flat fee payment; NHL 24 adds additional paths through its battle pass system as well as additional challenges; among many more features is NHL 24's new EA SPORTS Hockey League Playoff Format that mimics Stanley Cup Playoffs is a nice addition that brings a new competitive layer to the game.


All the excitement, exhaustion, and high-pressure moments that define this thrilling sport come to life thanks to Frostbite powering its cutting-edge Exhaust Engine: a game-altering system that makes playing NHL24 a truly immersive experience! With so many things changed for the better, and lots of improvements in gameplay and graphics, NHL 24 is better than most simulation sports games, yet it needs more gameplay modes to be on par with EA Sports FC 24. Keep in mind that comparing the two, you will find better gameplay on the side of NHL 24 and a host of new features that are shaming FC 24.


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