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Persona 5 Tactica PS4 PS5

Order your copy of Persona 5 for PlayStation and strategize, fuse Personas, and delve into an immersive world with the Phantom Thieves.

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Persona 5 Tactica PS4 PS5

Check out the exciting new adventures in the latest release of Phantom Thieves

Persona 5 Tactica is an addictive tactical RPG, the latest in the series of Persona 5 spin-offs. The beloved Phantom Thieves are ready for thrilling new adventures in a new format. You will dive again into their world, thrust into an unfamiliar realm, and confront the forces of a despotic leader. Our group of heroes, the Phantom Thieves, encounter Erina, a young woman offering her aid in facilitating their return home. The leader of the Rebel Corps enlists the help of others in the fight against the oppressive ruler. Players assume control of a compact team, selecting three members from the Phantom Thieves, including Erina, to navigate maps and eradicate the Legionnaires.

Persona 5 Tactica key features

The Emotional Revolution Unveiled

Persona 5 Tactica makes a triumphant comeback, keeping its signature components of a captivating narrative, intricately crafted characters, and thrilling strategic battles, now with added polish and a slew of surprises, including new comrades. Persona 5 Tactica introduces exciting new environments to explore and unexpected plot developments. Persona 5 Tactica comes bundled with an amazing story that will simultaneously take the player on a fantastic adventure with familiar and new places. Fans of the RPG-tactical genre will be delighted by the added value offered by the game through the numerous interesting moments they will encounter.

Assemble Your Ultimate Team in Persona 5 Tactical

Persona 5 Tactical is a well-executed tactical turn-based game. "Tactical" emphasizes a strategic method by showcasing gameplay around taking turns. Instead of exploring the halls of palaces fighting shadows, now our heroes have to deal with larger battle spaces full of crates and other objects that offer tactical options. You will venture into the combat-heavy action with teams of three heroes. Still, as a novelty, your main character's presence isn't mandatory. 

Revolutionizing Turn-Based Combat

Regarding Persona 5 Tactical, you must expect unexpected changes in situations and new places to explore. Due to the various abilities of the characters, as well as the dynamics of the fight, the game Persona 5 Tactical will be a new experience.

Do you know what's nice in fights? These awesome techniques like Baton PassOne More, and All Out Attack seriously step up your game. They're like secret weapons you must know how to use to crush them in the game.

Do you know what's awesome? They hand you extra moves and seriously beef up your attacks. You can mix up your team and hit your opponents where it hurts. The important thing is to understand these strategies well to increase the excitement in your battles and vary your gameplay.

The whole essence of the game revolves around being adaptable and versatile when you're in a fight. You've got to switch things up and use all these different skills to ace your strategy. And hey, the way the fights are automated? It's smooth as butter!


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