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Project CARS 3 PS4 PS5

Own Your Own Journey

  • 200+ elite-brand race and road cars
  • 120+ Global tracks
  • Wide range of race conversion kits
  • Race to earn Credits and XP
  • Buy and own 100's of cars
  • Upgrade cars with realistic performance parts
  • Customize your car liveries with racing and community inspired elements
  • Personalize your drivers

Feel Each Moment

  • Fully scalable assists for all skill levels
  • Convincing and fun handling
  • 24hr cycle, dynamic all seasons, all-weather racing
  • Unrivaled Controller Experience
  • Visceral sense of speed
  • Intense crash effects and car contact
  • Enhanced AI

Earn Every Win

  • New and deeply engaging career mode
  • Battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend
  • New and compelling Multiplayer and community modes
  • Fun and exciting Daily Challenges

Makes the Driving Experience a Pleasure Instead of a Pain
It must be said that Slightly Mad have made have a complete U-turn from the somewhat flawed racing sim, to a hard-driving arcade racer in one glorious move, gone are the standard racing simulation classics such as fuel levels and tire wear, they are replaced with something more focused on making the driving experience a pleasure instead of pain, the erratic handling that dampened my enthusiasm with the first two games in the series has been thankfully replaced by the Project Car 3's own unique system that can now cope with the oversteer that is prevalent with the roster of classic cars that are available to you during the game. This makes Project CARS 3 more approachable to the average motorsport gamer. The whole system has been reduced down from the elaborate changing of tire pressures on the type of the rear detailed interaction to a more simplified version and believe me it works, no longer is Project CARS a serious earnest game that appealed to only those people looking for realism and tinkering, to a fun and enjoyable, hardcore, arcade racing game, and it really is a great fun experience.

Believe Me, That is a Lot of Racing to Enjoy
There are a fantastic amount of realistic and lovingly detailed vehicles for you to experience, from a humble Opel Astra TCR from 2018 through some classic cars of the Lotus type 49 Cosworth from 1967, road cars such as a Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupé to pure racers like a Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Racing. In total there are over 200 elite vehicles and each one is exact in appearance, detailing, and handling, as for the tracks, well they go from one extreme to another, try a rainy day in Cheshire at Oulton Park, which I have had the pleasure of riding around in my youth on my Honda SS50 hitting speeds of 35mph, but that is another story, but I can tell you that I was impressed by the realism of the track, or you could be in the blazing sunshine at the Dubai Autodrome. There are over 120 tracks and believe me, that is a lot of racing to enjoy, street courses, or iconic tracks like Silverstone you can take your pick from any of these plentiful amount of tracks in countries from all over the world. Sometimes a step back is the best way to go forward and Slightly Mad seems to have made the right decision by taking the Project CARS franchise in a completely different direction and boy does it work.

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