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RIDE 5 Xbox Series X|S

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RIDE 5 Xbox Series X|S

RIDE 5: Chasing the Racing Crown

As 2023 gears up for the autumn and winter racing season, gaming enthusiasts anticipate titles like "Forza Motorsport" and "The Crew: Motorfest." However, Milestone, renowned for racing games, is revving up to claim a share of the spotlight with "RIDE 5." Unlike its predecessor, "MotoGP 23," which targeted die-hard motorcycle racing fans, "Ride 5" takes a different approach. While dubbing it the "'Gran Turismo' on two wheels" may be a lofty comparison, "Ride 5" effectively engages mainstream racing fans more than "MotoGP 23."

RIDE 5 is Amazing On the Track

On the racing track, "Ride 5" offers fast-paced action, stunning visuals, a wide vehicle selection, and diverse real and fictional tracks. Dynamic weather effects and night races are equally captivating, but the AI opponents leave something to be desired. Unprovoked collisions and falls are common, especially frustrating for players who opt not to use the rewind function.

RIDE 5 Is A Balancing Act, Great for Novices and Experts Alike

By default, "Ride 5" feels tamer than "MotoGP 23." At the lowest difficulty level, the game almost drives your bike for you, sapping motivation. However, from the second level, the game provides a balanced experience that introduces motorcycle racing intricacies. This balance is more accessible, making "Ride 5" a better fit for casual gamers, partly due to its straightforward presentation. The game's difficulty offers four levels, ranging from "ridiculously easy" to "enormously challenging." Experimenting with assist functions, such as braking and acceleration support, is advisable. 

Ride 5 Is Clearly A Memorable Next-Gen Experience

Exclusive to next-gen platforms, Ride 5 leverages the power of these consoles to offer dynamic weather changes during races, adding depth to gameplay. Developed for 9th-generation consoles, RIDE 5 showcases remarkable graphical improvements. Visually, Ride 5 shines. Precise, clean, and captivating models, vivid colors, and a stunning aesthetic throughout every race.

Sound Design and Acoustic Experience

"Ride 5" combines stylish lounge music, atmospheric voiceovers in cutscenes, and engine noises to deliver an acoustic backdrop. However, an added touch of drama and a race commentator would have elevated the career mode. Sound design is equally meticulous, with distinct audio cues for each situation. The auditory landscape immerses you in the race, from the hum of engines to the approach of rivals. However, some collision sounds could use improvement.

Plenty of Content: A Vast Array of Motorcycles and Tracks

RIDE 5 boasts over 330 real motorcycles from 20 official manufacturers and 38 road tracks. Whether you seek realism or laid-back fun, RIDE 5 welcomes you all into the world of motorcycling. Ride 5 firmly plants itself in the realm of realistic simulation racing. It thrusts you headfirst into the experience, akin to its predecessor, Ride 4. The game begins with obligatory time trial laps before unlocking further content. Unlike its predecessor, Ride 5 doesn't obsessively demand personal best times or invalidate laps for minor errors. However, it extends minimal leniency.

Plenty of Content and Customization Options

RIDE 5's career mode offers over 200 events, including primary and secondary races. While your in-game character plays a pivotal role, rival riders also gain some depth in cutscenes. "Ride 5," however, lacks a story campaign akin to Codemasters' "F1 23." Similar to "Gran Turismo," events are linked to both class and bike performance. Thus, constant bike adjustments and optimization are essential. The tuning options are clear and motivating. The rate at which you level up your player profile, unlocking additional bikes and components, depends on your chosen difficulty level and the associated driving aids. 

RIDE 5: Gameplay Mastery

Precision, agility, and speed are your allies on the road to victory in RIDE 5. Every twist of the road, every acceleration, and every brake must be executed with finesse. The game initially caters to professionals but is accessible to casual gamers as well. While you can tweak settings for a more arcade-like experience, core gameplay rules demand patience, experience, and concentration.

RIDE 5: Another Top Racing Release from Milestone

Milestone Studios has once again proven its prowess in crafting motorcycle racing games with RIDE 5. While Ride 5 may lack the plethora of features found in games like Forza, it still offers substantial content. While it lacks the dramatic rivalries seen in some four-wheel racing games, the career mode effectively guides players through the tracks. Additionally, Ride 5 offers customizable single races, local and online multiplayer, and pauseable endurance races.


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