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Sonic Superstars represents the most recent installment within the renowned platforming series. In Sonic Superstars, the titular hedgehog, along with his companions, embarks on a mission to combat Dr. Eggman, Fang the Hunter, and Trip the Sungazer to liberate the Northstar Islands from their oppressive grasp. We will discover in this chapter the incorporation of specialized Chaos emerald powers, each emerald conferring distinct abilities. In other words, these powers will encompass a wide spectrum of effects:

  • Water, which turns the player's character into a liquid form
  • Vision, which reveals hidden platforms
  • Ivy, which allows plants to grow to raise characters to higher platforms, and more.

One can explore stunning, previously undiscovered landscapes alone or in the company of up to three companions while working diligently to thwart the nefarious schemes of Dr. Eggman, Fang, and an enigmatic, emerging foe. Their objective: prevent the transformation of the island's majestic creatures into Badniks before time runs out.

3D Reimagining of a Classic

The classic Sonic high-speed sidescrolling action platforming, familiar to players, has been reimagined with fully integrated 3D graphics, additional powers and abilities, a novel setting, and fresh gameplay approaches. Classic Sonic gameplay takes on an unprecedented form.

Race for Northstar: Sonic and Friends vs. Eggman's Alliance

Select from among Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, utilizing their distinctive abilities to traverse the Northstar Islands with the utmost urgency in a mission to thwart the sinister plans of Dr. Eggman. He has, worrisomely, joined forces with a former arch-nemesis, Fang, and an enigmatic, heavily armored adversary. Sonic Superstars features a remarkable array of new concepts in its stages, from pixelated realms where you maneuver gracefully like an octopus to levels that require you to navigate both forwards and backward, which will create difficulties for you, but in the end, it will give you a pleasant experience.

Use the potential of the Chaos Emeralds

When you get your hands on an emerald, your character will enjoy the ability to harness extraordinary powers. Among these are the ability to transform into a fluid state, to conjure duplicates of oneself, to reveal hidden objects, and many such incredible powers. The game allows for up to seven distinct powers, each achieved by discovering the colossal rings that allow entry into these unique stages.

Sonic Revolution: 4-player local co-op adventure

A groundbreaking and revolutionary advancement in the Sonic game series, players can now enthusiastically partake in thrilling local co-op multiplayer with a maximum of three close-knit friends, achieving an unprecedented and extraordinary milestone. Sonic Superstars offers plenty of additional narrative elements to discover, as well as the introduction of fierce new combat modes and timed attack modes that get the blood flowing. These are real challenges for adrenaline-loving players.

Compete Locally or Online with up to 8 Players!

Engage in competitive gameplay either locally or online, accommodating a maximum of 8 players, within the exciting new Battle Mode. In this strategic arena, participants will assume the role of a formidable Metal Fighter, meticulously tailoring it to their preferences, and vying for victory across three rounds of randomly chosen battle arenas. For those who prefer offline encounters, the option to engage in single-player battles against AI adversaries or to join up with as many as three additional players in split-screen mode is available. Notably, it is important to acknowledge that offline mode does not contribute to Medal acquisitions or influence any ranking modifications.


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